The Argument Against TV and Corbett Trubey

1. He assumes that society isn’t really aware of how much watching tv has impacted them. Another assumption is that the readers are obviously people who watch TV.

2. The¬†reader is impacted by his awareness of the issue society is facing. Trubey also wants to assure that his readers will get something from his argument and hopes that it’s something that one should think about.

3. Trubey wants the reader to think about what he will argue about. I agree with his argument because in society today, the television seems to be a great distraction to many and prevents them from trying different things and exposing them to more of what the world has in store.

4. Using classification makes it more relatable to the reader and makes it easier for them to understand what the writer is arguing.

5. To a certain extent, it does because it gives the reader something to ponder over. On the other hand, not having the proper kind of citation could make the argument less convincing for the reader.

6. The lists at the end of the essay strengthen his argument because they support what he had to say about society and their use of the television.

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